"With Melissa Birch as master of ceremonies, you had better believe the circus is back in town." MINNESOTA DAILY

"The mundane meets the miraculous." CITY PAGES

“Painfully funny and hilariously painful.” MPLS STAR TRIBUNE

“Full of comic reminiscences and sexual adventures.” NY BLADE

“Satire with a soft voice.” PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

“A fascinating performer balanced on the edge.” MPLS STAR TRIBUNE

“Gorgeous and well-crafted, Birch nails down ambiguous feeling with total accuracy, like a Zen archer.” CITY PAGES

“An intelligent, charismatic performer.” MPLS SKYWAY NEWS

"Melissa Birch's smoky alto handles John's peculiar soul with authority...With a rock-star persona and British accent, Birch and her band conjure Elton's reckless, costumed days and bring the right amount of kitsch to the proceedings." CITY PAGES

“Few say it better.” MPLS STAR TRIBUNE

“Spooky chic meets relentlessly uncanny.” CITY PAGES


"Rakish voice.. dusky and mournful." MN WOMENS PRESS

"..A high skill for creating a world and allowing many paths in." MN PLAYLIST


“Offbeat, indescribable, and weird!” PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

“Irresistibly funny.” MINNEAPOLIS SKYWAY NEWS

“Birch is menacing, intense, stands out in a strong cast as writer, performer, musician..” WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL


"Melissa Birch’s performance 
has stayed with me in the days since I attended. I feel like I have discovered a real presence in the awkward world, a shining presence, seriously talented and seriously active. Thank you."

Mick Renner/Boulder CO